Filled Net Beaded Bead Pendant

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This tutorial describes the steps necessary to to make this netted bead pendant.  Each step is described as a round.  First you will add a bead round.  Then a net round, then you will fill in the net round with a bead round, etc.

Select graduated beads of your choice.  You will need 3 of the largest beads and 6 each of the other sizes.  This netted bead pendant is made with 7 bead rows.  It can also be made 5 rows if you want a rounder bead and with 3 rows for smaller accent netted beads.

Choose seed beads for the netting and for the accent. 

Round 1
String 3 of your smallest pendant beads and send the needle through again.  Pull tight until they form a circle and tie using a surgeon's knot.  These beads are 4mm faceted rounds.

Round 2
Add seed beads between each bead from round 1 using your accent choice.

Round 3
This is where it gets tricky.  The quantity of seed beads for your net will depend on the size of your beads.  For my project row 3 consists of 5 beads, the center bead is always the accent bead.  Make sure the thread is exiting an accent bead, pick up your 5 seed beads and string through the next accent bead.

Continue row 3.  Once the round is complete you will need to advance the thread through the beads and exit through the first accent bead in round 3.  Then the string will be positioned for the next round.  Look at the photo below.

At the end of each net round the needle must exit through the first accent bead in that round.  Tighten.

Row 4
Add your next round between accent beads.  Round 4 consists of 6mm Czech faceted beads.

Close-up of completed round 4.  Tighten.

Round 5
Load the seed beads for the next netted round stitch.

This photo shows the last stitch showing the needle exiting from the first seed bead added in round 5.  Tighten.

Round 6
Add the next bead round between accent beads added in round 5.

Round 7
Add next net round.  Tighten.

Round 8
This round includes the largest beads added between the accent beads added in round 7.

Round 9
This netting round will include the same number of beads as in netting round 7.  Remember to advance at the end of the net round.

Round 10

Add next bead row.

Round 11
Add next net round using the same number of beads as in round 5.  Remember to advance at the end of the net round.

Round 12
Add bead round.

Round 13
Add netting row with same number of beads as used in round 3.

This is a close-up of the bead before adding the last round of beads.  The thread has already advanced.  Add the last 3 beads and send thread throuh a couple times to secure.  Tie off using a surgeons know.

Here is a close-up of the completed bead.

To make the pendant, add your selection of beads to a head pin.  I like to use bicones on each end of the beaded bead so the head pin stays centered.

Add your pendant to a necklace as shown below.  Wear and enjoy the compliments.

Please consider makinga donation if you found this tutorial useful.